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Second book, not the same as the first…

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If you want to know what the experience of writing my second book has been like, let me share with you the saga of the banana muffins that I”m baking for Daughter #2’s class tomorrow….

First, I usually make banana bread, but Daughter #2 wanted muffins, so muffins it is. Except when I pulled out the muffin tin liners, I realized they were JUMBO (what’s with supersizing everything?) and didn’t fit the tin properly. So, off to the corner store, but, lo, they had NO muffin tin liners.

So, okay, I thought I’d make do. I whipped up the batter, and promptly put too much butter in it by mistake. Start again. Oops, I only have salted butter. Ah well, no matter.

Then, there wasn’t enough batter. Not nearly enough. Envisioning weeping children, I mixed up a second half-sized batch, sweating, and eyeballing some of the ingredient quantities.

Everything went in the jumbo liners, whether they fit or not, and in it all went in the oven. And wouldn’t you know, they’ve turned out fab.

Writing a second novel is just like this. You think you know what you’re doing (you’ve baked this item a hundred times before!), but when it comes down to the mechanics, things suddenly start going haywire. Characters disobey your every wish. The plot snakes out of control, and you find out you only have salted butter.

Still, as I put the finishing touches on Book 2, I have to say, I think it turned out fab. I can’t wait for the little monsters to devour the muffins tomorrow, and I really can’t wait for readers to get their hands on my new book!  The writing part’s just about done, but I’ve still got quite a ways go before it’s on the shelf. Keep reading for updates on how it all happens: cover art, copy edits, ARC’s, and the rest. In the meantime, go bake youselves some muffins. Trust me, it’s lots easier than writing a book!

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