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Lemonade Soup

January 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

We’re having a rough weekend. Rough, I tell you.

On Thursday, my husband was IN THE PEDIATRICIAN’S OFFICE, I mean sitting right there on the table, when he saw a louse in my daughter’s hair. Sigh. I may have to send flowers or something to the poor doctor.

So, here we are, all lousy, our scalps sore from combing and treatments. Apparently, the only way to get all the little buggers out is to comb your hair for 21 days. Yes, three weeks of this.

So, we have the combing schedule on the calander. We have the routine down pat now. Comb, comb, comb, pin hair section, move on. It takes forever. Plus, there’s the laundry, the hairbrush boiling, just…all of it.

And I’m down to the combing process of my new novel, I guess. I know there’s probably some stuff still in there I need to fix, but I just can’t see it all at once. So I go back again and again, the details getting smaller each time. It’s making me nuts.

In situations like these you do the best you can. You make lemonade soup, which is actually Potato Leek Soup. Why call it lemonade soup? Well, that’s because my son wanted Lemonade Soup (whatever the hell that is) for dinner.

“Oh, this is lemonade soup,” I told him. “It’s just that the lemons are a top secret ingredient. Top, top secret. You almost don’t even know they’re in there.”

When life hands you lemons, my father always says, make lemonade. Here’s how:

Take 4 leeks, cleaned, split, and chopped, and sautee them in a little butter and olive oil. Add 4 white potatoes, peeled and chopped in 2 inch dice, and sautee for a moment more. Cover it all in chicken broth and simmer until the potatoes are soft. Turn off heat and add milk, half and half, or, depending on how bad things are, cream. Cover and let sit for ten minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

This is comfort food on the highest level, and also one of the ten food items my children will eat. Enjoy.

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