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Paperback Launch and Hungry Readers…

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

First things first. The paperback officially launches tomorrow! Hooray! I’ve already spotted it in several local bookstores however, so if you’ve been waiting to read Little Giant, now’s your chance.

I’m a huge paperback fan. Why? Because, I confess, I’m hard on books. I splatter them with bubbles in the bathtub. I drip spaghetti sauce on them. I dog ear pages, crumple covers, and sometimes jot down random notes on the title page or on those blank pages in the back.

This just isn’t something you want to do with a hardback book, right? I mean, right now I have a signed hardback version of John Irving’s Last Night in Twisted River, but I’m too scared to go anywhere with the damn thing. I’m certainly not going to put it near the stove while I wait for the pot roast to cook or take it in the  bath where I will most likely drop it. It’s really for the shelf. For me, reading is a whole-body experience.

Okay, and here’s a funny story along those lines. I happened upon this blog, where, apparently, someone–or something–actually ate a copy of my book from the local library. No, really. There were pages torn out and teethmarks and everything. So, either someone loved the book or really hated it, or they’re even harder on books than me, but, come on people, if you damage a library book, man up and confess.

Or, better yet, buy a paperback copy and go ahead and trash it merrily! I won’t tell.

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