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10 Girls I’m Sick Of

There’s a new film coming from SF’s own Jennifer Seibel Newsom: Missrepresentation. A documentary about the lack of female leadership and the way women are portrayed in the media. Check it out: www.misspresentation.org.

The site lists ways you can affect change in ten minutes, ten days, ten weeks. It’s very cool. In honor of Missrepresentation, here’s a list of 10 Girls I’m Sick Of:

1. The Stripper. Ladies, stripping does NOT equal female empowerment. Just because you CAN take your clothes off and grind, doesn’t mean you should. Just because you CAN dress like a stripper doesn’t mean appropriating that look gives you clout, class, or connections (at least not the kind you want).

2. The Beauty Tot. We’ve all seen them on TV, the little zombie girls in full makeup, flippers, extensions, and theme-wear. For god’s sake, let them out of their cages, already.

3. The Rich Bitch. Headband, designer handbag, Ivy league school, five-hundred dollar heels, and a coke habit.

4. The Drunken Housewife. Pick a city, any city. Add self-tanner, vats of white wine, unseemly husbands, and orchestrated catfights. Stir and repeat.

5. The Swimsuit Model. Airbrushed perfection. She walks! She talks!  Perfect to drape across the hood of a car, a vodka bottle, or to dress up in lingerie and angel wings. 

6. Brides. Women DO carry on careers and lives after we wed. Yes, it’s a big day. But you don’t need plastic surgery or radical dieting for it. Trust me.

7. The Perky Women in Detergent/Cleaning Supply Ads. Who ARE these women? Are they the zombie adult results of the Beauty Tots? Do we really care if our laundry is less than perfect or our sinks aren’t sparkling? I really don’t. My mop has never spoken aloud to me and if yours is to you, I suggest professional help, STAT. And why aren’t men ever worried about these things on TV?

8. The Female Politician. Don’t get me wrong. I want lots MORE women politicians, but I want them without the media talking about their hair/clothes/breasts/whether or not they need or have had plastic surgery. How is this going to help us with, say, the crisis in the Middle East?

9. The Good Christian Mother. Oh my lord, am I tired of this woman. It’s great that she values the sanctity of life and has twenty-odd children. It’s wonderful that she chooses not to educate her daughters and arranges marriages for them, but I’d really prefer if she could let the separation of church and state stand and stay the hell out of making decisions about MY uterus, thanks.

10.  The Babytalking Reality Star. Or Heiress. Take your pick. They don’t have functional jobs, as far as I can tell, they don’t read, and when they speak, they sound six years old.

Where in the media are the pretty smart girls who are good at math? The sexy grannies? The woman who will be president? Where are the moms who are also heart surgeons, the CEO’s, the female fighter pilots? I know these women exist–I have seen evidence of them!–but you wouldn’t know it from our tv, magazines, and music.

Where, most of all, am I supposed to place my two young, beautiful, smart, and capable daughters who are so much more than all of this nonsense?

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