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How To Launch a Paperback: The Gilly Salt Sisters is out in PB!

Ever wonder what it’s like on a launch day? Here’s how mine has gone….

4:45 am Alarm goes off. Deny it, then get up, put on all the fleece you own, and go to rowing practice. Row for an hour in 38 degrees and the dark. Flinch a little when the coach says, “Give me another twenty hard ones!” and “It’s only 7:00? We have time for another piece!”

7:20 am Coffee with teammates. Also, eat all the baked goods. And don’t even feel a bit sorry.

8:00 am Longest, hottest shower known to man. Since it’s important to dress for success, put on yoga pants, a cashmere sweater, Christmas socks, and too much eyeliner.

10:00 am Ask all your girl writer friends on Twitter and Facebook to shout out that The Gilly Salt Sisters is released in paperback. Be immediately gobsmacked and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and friendship offered. Feel honored to know so many cool women writers. Even if we’re not getting proportionally reviewed, we are a force!

11:00 am More food, this time involving shameful amounts of melted cheese. Refuse to feel guilty about this, either.

1:00 pm Lovely notes from editor and publicist at Grand Central saying congratulations on the PB release. Answer them, thanking them for their vision and support. Be grateful that your publishing house feels more like a publishing family.

4:00 pm Snack. Totally necessary. Pull up new book and stare at it, but get nothing done.

4:30 pm Check Amazon rankings. Hmmm. Book is not #1. Book is not #10. Book is not….Okay, never imind. Book is ON AMAZON. That’s good. Book is also on IndieBound and B&N. Feel proud.

5:00 Cooking of dinner about which children will first complain, but then fall upon like badly raised wolves. Family talk. No one is impressed with paperback release, as they have heard all about the book already for far too long. Conversation drifts to Shetland ponies, Legos, and how many laps it’s acceptable for the PE teacher to make students run.

8:00 pm Pajama time, for kids and you. New book swirls in your head. The paperback of The Gilly Salt Sisters sits on your desk. In it, there’s a chaper for your NEXT book, Mercy Snow, coming in January. Start thinking about THAT book launch. Swear that next time, you’ll do it right. Or maybe not. Probably not. Nah. Mostly, you realize, you wouldn’t change a thing.

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